Key Services

At Ceito, we aim to create a gold-standard ICO process and platform for you. Our fully integrated Know Your Customer (KYC) / Anti Money Laundering (AML) solution will help project owners verify the identities of their backers and screen them for any suspicious transactions and activities. HD wallets will also be automatically generated for backers to deposit their funds into when backing a project in projects. The funds in the HD wallets will then be transferred to a consolidated ledger address which can only be accessed when both Ceito and the project owner provide authorisation. This mechanism will provide project owners with the most effective and secure method to collect funds. An intuitive dashboard will allow you to track the progress of your ongoing ICO projects while it occurs in real time. The real time dynamic exchange rate algorithm will ensure that backers will get a fair market price for the ethers and / or bitcoins they contribute to projects. Completing all recommended steps in the checklist will ensure that the project's fundraising process will run smoothly with little hiccups.

Project Owner Dashboard

Ceito will partner with Jumio to verify the identities of potential backers and with Thomson Reuters to help screen them for any money laundering and terrorism financing (ML/TF) transactions and activities. These are done to ensure that the backers that sign up to contribute do not have ill intentions and that the onboarding process of backers is compliant with prevailing laws and guidelines.

When contributing in bitcoin, every backer will be given a unique and automatically generated hierarchical deterministic (HD) address to which they can send their funds to. The HD wallets will then consolidate the bitcoins sent to the various addresses into one single ledger address. This consolidated ledger address will need the authorisation of both Ceito and the project owners to unlock the funds. The same mechanism is used when contributing in ether. The only difference is the automatic generation of smart contracts instead of HD wallets when contributing in ether.

Ceito's dashboard allows project owners to keep track of the progress of their fundraising process while it occurs. Some types of information that project owners can view are the number of people that completed and passed KYC/AML, number of people that have backed the project, and the funds raised to date.

Most projects raise their funds in bitcoin and ether. However, there is no centralised entity nor authoritative body that dictates what the current market price of bitcoin and ether are. This is because bitcoin and ether are traded on many different crypto exchanges and prices vary from exchange to exchange. Therefore, Ceito will calculate a real-time average price using the prices of bitcoin and ether from four of the largest crypto exchanges. This average price of bitcoin and ether will be the price backers see when they contribute in a project.

There are certain essential milestones that needs to be completed before project owners can raise funds. Some essential milestones would be to draft a whitepaper, obtain a legal opinion about the project, and executing a security audit on the smart contract used for distribution of tokens. Completing the recommended steps is a prerequisite before raising of funds can occur on Ceito's platform. It will also ensure that the ICO will run smoothly with minimal disruption from any possible complications.

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Other Services


ITO Strategy and Structure

Helping clients develop an overall strategy on how to conduct the ITO. This includes developing an ITO roadmap, project management, acting as a legal sparring partner and other strategic advices.


Whitepaper Preparation

Working alongside clients on their Whitepaper development from start to end. We ensure that different aspects necessary are in place by providing in-depth review and sharing our content writing resources.


Token Economics

Advising on 3 distinct functions: tokens distribution, funds usage and tokens valuation. These include defining the token core value, price per token, number of tokens distributed, how the token benefit all the stakeholders, how to structure your funds drawdown etc. Our analysis are supported by 3 financial models to substantiate the 3 functions.


Management Consulting and Support

Recommending preferred partners that will assist the clients in their legal, corporate governance, compliance and other professional needs. We will also be available for any ad-hoc management consulting and filling up the gaps of our clients.


ITO Technology Environment Set-up

Setting up a secure ITO environment for clients with an integrated technology stack. We provide the best user experience for your backers with our Ceito platform and handle all the technological requirement to conduct your token sale.


KYC/ AML Integration

Providing an integrated KYC/AML screening within Ceito platform for identification of all potential contributors. We keep ourselves updated with the compliance requirements and help ensure that all clients adhere to them.


Smart Contract Development

Developing the tokens distribution smart contract for clients and review the result together with your technology team. We will execute the smart contract together with you and complete the ITO process.


Technical Audit

Providing clients with a complete security audit on the smart contract to identify and resolve any present risks. Ceito will contract with an independent accredited partner to provide the service to avoid self-review risks.


Technology Advisory

Going beyond the ITO process to advise clients on their blockchain projects. We will advise clients on their usage of the blockchain and how they can put their existing resources to the best usage.