Maintain full control with our integrated dashboard

From accessing API documentations to managing your monthly billing, our dashboard keeps everything within clicks.

All the insights of your business in a single view.

Having essential information at your fingertips is important. Add widgets, data sources and reports of your subscribed Ceito product here for a full view at a glance.

No more tedious setup, let us handle the infrastructure.

With Ceito, it’s a simple API call to issue blockchain based wallets, initiate transfers and perform other functions. You no longer need to build the infrastructure from scratch and handle complex back-end. Concentrate on your product.

Customized to suit your business requirements.

Ringfence transfers within your app for additional security

Set limits for transfers and balances

IP whitelisting to prevent authorised access

Introducing some key features



transaction tracker

View history

Perform insightful

data analytics

business rules

Your business,

your rules

Developer access


transaction tracker

Generate reports

Conduct management

reporting easily

Simple billing

Straightforward and


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